Advocacy and campaigning

CID speaks up on the big issues to ensure people with disability have the same rights as everyone else. We work with Government and the community to create change at all levels and support people with intellectual disability to voice their rights and concerns. 

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Many of our Members are part of our Speak Out Reach Out group, where they discuss the big issues and what matters to them.


CID runs an information service so that people with intellectual disability, their family and friends, or anyone else can ask questions or find out information. Call 1800 424 065.

We also have a number of resources such as info sheets, which can help you stay up to date with important information. 

Inclusion and accessibility work. Hire us!

We offer a complete range of services to equip organisations to become industry leaders in accessible and inclusive practice. We bring together the expertise of people with intellectual disability with our skilled trainers, designers, consultants and easy read experts. We work with business, Government and community organisations.

We offer the following services individually or in combination as part of a package.

  • Product development and testing
  • Focus groups
  • Consultations and advisory committees
  • Training
  • Easy read translations

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Workshops (run by CID's project My Choice Matters)mcm logo v2 CID

We run workshops all throughout NSW, check out the dates and locations.

Get More Skills Workshops 

We work with people with disability and their families to live life their way and get the most out of the changing disability system. Our goal is to help people learn and practice new ways of doing things and develop and grow skills.The workshops talk about the NDIS and we provide practical activities to help people think about choice, voice and control in their lives, or the lives of people they support. 

My Learning Matters class

My Learning Matters is an e-learning tool and we run face to face classes to help get you started! My Learning Matters helps you prepare for the NDIS and to get the most out of life, covering things like choosing a service provider, speaking up, and managing a budget. During the class we'll go through the sign in process and some of the modules. You'll then be confident to finish the course at home.

Become A Leader class

Become A Leader is an e-learning tool that will help you be a leader in your life and in the community. Before you start your Become A Leader course online, come along to one of our face to face classes to begin your leadership journey. Learn about leadership, asking for what you want, making changes and working with others.

Our workshops are free and open to anyone with a disability, family members or carers. We can supply interpreters, personal care and other assistance to make them as accessible as possible. We also run entire workshops and classes in other languages, such as Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese. 

Shared stories and experiences

We create videos, write blogs and diaries, and speak about lived experience. We share our stories so that people can learn and gain understanding from each other.

Community and events

We run a number of peer group projects to connect people, build and share skills, and create community. 

We attend community events, making sure our advocacy message and our resources and information get out into the community. We work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to make sure no one misses out! 


We create resources to help people learn and build skills.


Our workbook series are full of helpful tips and useful exercises to help you learn and grow skills. 

What will give me a good life series

1. What are my needs and dreams

2. What I do, who I know, what I hope for 

3. Can funding get me a good life

Setting goals series

1. Thinking about what you want

2. Where do I want to live

3. Where do I want to work

Factsheets, checklists and information sheets

These are on a number of different topics such as making friends and budgets

Resources in other languages

We translate a number of our rersources so that culturally and lingusitically diverse communities do not miss out.

Online Learning courses

My Learning Matters

This is an online tool made by My Choice Matters to help you get the most out of the changing disability support system.

mlm social share

It's fun and interactive with lots of opportunities to write, choose pictures, tick boxes and have a think about making your life the best it can be. The topics include: Needs and Dreams, Trying New Things, Making Friends, Goals and Work.

You can choose to complete all of them or you can just do the ones that you think are relevant.

Click here to visit the My Learning Matters website.

Become a Leader Online

The course teaches you how to be a leader in your own life and in the community, all at your own pace! Complete one or all of the topics and start taking control straight away.


The topics are: I am a leader, Asking for what I want, Working with others, Making change.

Head to for more!



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