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Members support and help drive our work.


  • Get to have a say about the big issues
  • Are part of changing things for the better
  • Have voting rights
  • Can serve on the Board
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more info about becoming a Member or call 1800 424 065.

NSW CID Board of Directors

NSW CID has 17 people on the Board of Directors.
Directors job is to:

  • lead NSW CID
  • make sure NSW CID sets and meets goals
  • help NSW CID make good decisions for now and the future
  • speak up on behalf of NSW CID

Our constitution (or rules) say that most people on the Board must have an intellectual disability.

Michael Sullivan - Chairperson
Shu Hua Chan - Vice Chairperson
Fiona McKenzie - Vice Chairperson
Sonya Sinclair - Treasurer
Dennis Bryant – Secretary
Quang Nguyen
Carmelo Raspanti
Maria Heaton
Micheal Herdman
James Condren
Richard Amos
Richard Laidlaw
Judy Harper
Robert Strike
Judith Lavender
Sophia Protey
Tracylee Arestides



Michelle Dodd, CEO

Aine Healy, Director of Advocacy
Rochelle Porteous, Organiser

Information and Inclusion
Rachel Spencer, Information and Inclusion Coordinator
David Briggs, Information and Inclusion Officer

Lauren Bennett, Communications Leader
Angus Hohenboken, Media and Communications Coordinator
Marc Nemorin, Graphic Designer

Linda Blair, Services Support Manager
Liz Russell, Accounts Officer
Pia Karjalainen, Administration and Events Officer
Wiebke Duchow, Administrative Support and Data Entry Officer
Tymon Kennedy, Business Development Officer

My Choice Matters project
Brandon Bear, Get More SKills Program Coordinator
Eban Pollard, Senior Project Officer
Andrea Smith, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Adele Tashkin, Facilitator
Robyn Russell, Facilitator
Tammy Burnstock, Facilitator
Ann Murphy, Facilitator
Lynne Hudson, Facilitator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need to contact NSW CID staff or call 1800 424 065.

ph. 1800 424 065       email: info@nswcid.org.au

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