And they’re off! 

NSW CID said farewell to Robert Strike and his travelling companion Rachel Spencer today as they prepared to jet off to New York to attend high level talks at the United Nations. 


It was their last chance to enjoy Aussie food before starting a strict diet of big-slice pizza, burgers and all-you-can-drink coffee.

Robert said he was looking forward to seeing and tasting new and interesting things on the trip, but he was most excited about meeting new people and talking to them about how to make information more accessible for people with intellectual disability.  

“I will talk to people about Easy Read, and plain English,” Robert said.

Easy Read is a way to make information easier to read that uses larger fonts (16-18 font), more space between lines and pictures to help explain text. 

Rachel, CID's Inclusion Manager, said that even the communications sent to the pair about what is the biggest disability meeting in the world were not written in Easy Read, meaning they required translation for people with intellectual disability.

“We look forward to working with other civil society groups, Australian Government representatives and the UN to make sure that people with intellectual disability are not excluded from society, and mainstreaming Easy Read is a vital step,” Rachel said.

Robert and Rachel will attend the UN Conference of State Parties to the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CoSP) talks from June 13-15. The theme for this year's talks is inclusion and participation.

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