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CID is pleased to announce a new organisational direction.
This will enable us to continue as leaders in creating positive change in the lives of people with intellectual disability, whilst creating business opportunities that will ensure we are around for another 60 years & our impact becomes stronger than ever!

Building on our strengths!

Led by People with Intellectual Disability, CID is expanding its inclusion work is with more support becoming available to engage with many more people with intellectual disability – stronger people and stronger voices! CID continues to be led by its Members and is always looking for new people with intellectual disability to join us.

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Our Advocacy Team, including Aine Healy (Director of Advocacy) Jim Simpson (Senior Advocate) along with our Members will continue to lead all advocacy strategies for CID, including campaigns, the annual conference and other sector events. It is critical that the issues that are of importance to people with intellectual disability are heard at such an important time in policy reform.

The Info & Inclusion Team, remains an information leader with the provision of specialist information on everything and anything related to intellectual disability – through the info line, e-news, social media, CID TV, newsletters, resources, community education and events.


Our Projects Team – My Choice Matters, My Learning Matters, Disability Support Organisations, and Support Planning– are doing important capacity building work throughout NSW, helping people prepare for the NDIS and other life happenings and are keeping CID connected to the broader disability sector.

Trying new things!

CID has recently advertised a CEO position, whose focus shall be on growing the various business streams that we have developed. CID wants to be a stronger organisation.
CID will now be able to meet the growing demand for our services - including Easy read & accessible info, consultations, training, speakers and projects – much of which is co-designed and produced by people with intellectual disability.


In addition we will be pursuing more partners in our work, making new friends to help us keep doing our work. The Director Advocacy and the CEO will work together to keep doing all the things CID does now as well as some new things.

New business and our project work will remain at an ‘arms length’ distance from our advocacy work - enabling a professional and independent service, for both for our customers and for our advocacy campaigns.

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CID will always be committed to “speaking up about the BIG issues that matter to people with intellectual disability.”

That is what we have always done and plan to do for many more years!

With our Members and friends, we look forward to a bright future.

Off we go…

The NSW CID Board & Team

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