Simeon John

Simeon John taps into people’s natural creativity to help them understand how to get the most out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and create a vision for their life.

Residents of Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC) group homes will be left vulnerable to eviction at short notice under the one-sided contracts they are being asked to sign with their new provider organisations. 

Tracy Wright

Choice, voice, control, yoga and bushwalking: Council for Intellectual Disability Chair Michael Sullivan interviews Tracy Wright to find out what makes the organisation’s new CEO tick.

“I want to be part of the community, not just walk through it!”

Michael Sullivan, Chairperson, CID

All too often, mainstream services – those available to the general population, like health, education and legal services – are not accessible or responsive to the needs of people with intellectual disability.

We see much talk, but little action.

Easy Read PhD. It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but disability focussed academic Bronwyn Newman sees a real need for research on what is a life changing, and potentially lifesaving, communications tool.

by Annamarie Reyes, CID Community Engagement Officer

“Can you imagine being called "crippled" ever in your life?”

That’s the question George Ayoub posed as he began telling his story at the Does Disability Have a Language? bilingual barbeque forum held in Marrickville, Sydney.

Hosted by My Choice Matters and Council for Intellectual Disability (CID), the forum aimed to help bilingual workers understand disability better and conversely, for workers in the disability sector to understand culture and its impact on disability.

Note to the National Disability Insurance Agency: The way to reassure people with intellectual disability that your communications are going to get simpler, clearer and more accessible is not to send them a complex, convoluted letter.

We always had a feeling #TeamRS - Robert Strike and Rachel Spencer – would make an impression on the United Nations.

And they’re off! 

NSW CID said farewell to Robert Strike and his travelling companion Rachel Spencer today as they prepared to jet off to New York to attend high level talks at the United Nations. 

“Enough is enough! It is our time to be heard. It is our time for justice - now!” – Michael Sullivan, NSW CID Chairperson.

CID Director of Advocacy Aine Healy and Board Chairperson Michael Sullivan today met with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to discuss the need for a Royal Commission into abuse of people with disability.

“As a woman with an intellectual disability, I can say that abuse from people who were supposed to be caring for me has had a very bad long term impact on my life.” – Heather Forsyth

Inclusion Australia and its member organisations, including New South Wales Council for Intellectual Disability, are calling for a Royal Commission into the abuse of people with disability.

“I feel like we are on a crest of a wave, and whatever we do in this period of time creates what this is going to be.”

For our My Choice Matters workshop facilitator Tammy Burnstock the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme represented a huge opportunity for change for people with disabilities, and she knew early on that she wanted to be a part of that change.

It was a cold 4 degrees early Saturday morning in Albury. 

Myself, a Community Engagement Officer for NSW CID and the My Choice Matters (MCM) project along with Eban Pollard MCM Projects Officer decided to brave the walk, setting out while it was still dark.

We were about to witness the outcome of Jan Gouma’s “dream” project – people with disability joining a throng of passengers to ride big hot air balloons, to fly to Rutherglen some 50 kilometres away, something they probably never thought was a possibility.

Ben Felten is one inspiring guy! He recently smashed the Australian Speed Week record for fastest speed for a motorcycle ridden blindfolded. 


People living in Ageing, Disability and Home Care group homes across the state and their families are dismayed at losing the small amount of influence they were promised in determining their new service provider.

Congratulations are in order! NSW Council for Intellectual Disability Board Member Robert Strike has been selected to attend high level talks on issues affecting people with disability at the United Nations in New York in June.

Media Release: Friday 31 March 2017 

The solutions to ending deadly disability discrimination in the health system are clear, and the NSW Government must act by committing funds to expand successful programs and protect disability health services from the axe.

MEDIA RELEASE: Friday 31 March 2017

A parliamentary forum will today shed light on the deadly cost of disability discrimination in the NSW health system and what can be done to prevent cracks in disability health from widening.

Can you call your Local Member of Parliament (MP) and invite them personally to our Parliamentary Forum?

Thanks to your support we have been able to organise a Parliamentary Forum, which will focus on the very high rates of preventable deaths for people with intellectual disability. The forum will be held on Friday 31 March at 12 noon in Parliament House.

Friday 31 March 2017

A parliamentary forum will today shed light on the deadly cost of disability discrimination in the NSW health system and what can be done to prevent cracks in disability health from widening.

Did you know the NSW Government has no plans to fund state based advocacy services beyond the middle of 2018?

This includes services like IDRS, Disability Advocacy NSW and NSW CID.


Call for a Clean Bill of Health for People with Intellectual Disability

Can you help stop Deadly Disability Discrimination by phoning, emailing or writing to Minister Hazzard?

We want the Minister to urgently fund solutions to end preventable deaths for people with intellectual disability. Every minute we delay more lives are put at risk.

Dear Minister Williams,

Today is the first day of Parliament for 2017 and you will commence in your new role as Minister of Disability Services. This is a very important position as you are now responsible for defending and upholding the human rights of all people with intellectual disability in NSW.

Michelle was outgoing and friendly, an accomplished horse rider and much loved by her family and community. Devastatingly, Michelle was just 28 years old when she died, due to meningitis going undiagnosed during a hospital admission.

Her mother Maureen McIlquhan makes this heartfelt plea – “discrimination against patients with intellectual disability has to stop.”

Will you join Maureen and NSW CID to end the deadly cost of disability discrimination?

NSW CID calls on the NSW Government to take immediate action on a landmark study from the University of New South Wales, which shows that people with intellectual disability are more than twice as likely to have preventable deaths as other members of the community. 

Bullying and diversity through language: a new way of thinking about this issue

Through this paper, NSW Council of Intellectual Disability Chairperson, Michael Sullivan identifies language as a key area on which we need to concentrate where action and thoughts are reflected. Language can shape, although we can be much more precise about language.

The NDIS legislation is about people with substantial disability having an enforceable right to “reasonable and necessary support” and having “choice and control” over how that support is provided and who provides it. It is a fundamental step forward in increasing the availability and individual focus of this support for people with disabilities in Australia.

Book cover

Reviewed by Jim Simpson, NSW CID advocate.

Jeremy Ward's personal memoir of raising a child with a disability, The Shouted Goodbye is the story of his daughter, Mena, who grabbed all of life’s opportunities, and his and his wife's determination that she have a full and inclusive life.

This is a must-read book for anyone who believes in a fully inclusive world for people with disabilities. It should also be compulsory reading for the many teachers, disability workers, bureaucrats and politicians who need to better understand and embrace this vision.

Picture of forum booklet with group of people

"I know saying good and ordinary sounds like they don’t go together, but they do. People with intellectual disability just want a good ordinary life, like anybody else."

Last week our Chairperson, Michael Sullivan, was the key note speaker at the Ombudsman Forum - Addressing the abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability. Michael delivered an important and powerful speech and raised his voice to speak up on behalf of so many who haven’t been able to. As part of our Speak Up series we are featuring Michael's speech.

Will you speak up about mental health? 

Nothing says 60th birthday party like colourful wigs, glitter capes, inspiring speeches and a pumping dance floor. And this is exactly how we celebrated NSW CID turning 60.


Improving Mental Health in Children with Autism and Intellectual Disability

NSW CID is pleased to share presentations from our recent conference Challenge Change Create.


As the process unfolds for transfer of ADHC disability services to the non-government sector, NSW CID continues to see two safeguards as vital:

There’s more than over 400,000 people with intellectual disability in Australia.

CID Conference Sneak Peek!

We did it!

Parties commit on the health of people with intellectual disability!

My name is Melinda Nay. I am 18 years old.

Using PBS in Australian disability services

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