For some time, NSW CID and other intellectual disability groups have been advocating to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) about the lack of direct input to the NDIA by people with intellectual disability and their advocates. This is very important since people with intellectual disability are over 60% of participants in the NDIS.

ID Ref Group

We are very pleased that the agency has responded by setting up the Intellectual Disability Reference Group that is co-chaired by Rhonda Galbally, Chair of the NDIA Independent Advisory Council, and Liz Cairns, General Manager Operations of the NDIA.

NSW CID chairperson Michael Sullivan and Senior Advocate Jim Simpson are members of the group along with:

Susan Arthur - Powerful Parents Self Advocacy Group Victoria
Richard Bruggemann - Disability Senior Practitioner SA and Flinders University
Silvana Gant - Adelaide People First
Angus Graham - parent and President Down Syndrome Australia
Damian Griffis - First Peoples Disability Network
Judy Hewitt - Speak Out Tasmania
Leighton Jay - parent, WA
Sylvana Mahmic - parent and member of Independent Advisory Council
Sally Robinson - Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University
Kevin Stone - parent and CEO VALID

The group has now met twice and is finalising advice to the NDIA on the topic, “What should the NDIA understand about intellectual disability?”

Other topics the group has prioritised include:

  • promoting equity of access to the NDIS
  • the definition of intellectual disability
  • planning and implementing support where participants lack effective informal support
  • decision-making and participants with cognitive impairment
  • participants with complex behaviour
  • creating a positive vision for participants with intellectual disability
  • information, linkages and capacity building
  • participants in large residential centres
  • parents who have an intellectual disability

NSW CID is delighted to be part of this group which brings together many experts on intellectual disability, in particular people who themselves have intellectual disability.

ID Ref Group

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