Meet the disability Royal Commissioners

Who are the people running the disability Royal Commission? Read about them in this easy read blog.

Ronald Sackville

Ronald Sackville
Mr Sackville is the Chair of the disability Royal Commission.

He was a judge and a Professor of Law.

He says "People with disability and their advocates will help us understand the issues."


Alastair McEwin

Alastair McEwin
You may recognise Mr McEwin.

He was the Disability Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

He has lots of experience promoting the rights of people with disability.


Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett
Ms Bennett worked for the Australian Government

She knows a lot about how governments can help stop violence against women and children.


Rhonda Galbally

Rhonda Galbally
Ms Galbally is a Professor.

She has been a leader in a lot of companies

She was also on the board of the NDIA.

The NDIA runs the NDIS.


Andrea Mason

Andrea Mason
Ms Mason knows a lot about Aboriginal communities and how to make life better for Aboriginal people.

She believes telling the truth can make things better. 


John Ryan

John Ryan
Mr Ryan was a politician in the NSW Parliament.

As a member of Parliament he worked on disability services.


The Commissioners want to make things

They will

  • listen to people tell their story.
  • support people to speak up.

Then they will tell the Government what needs to change.

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Published 17 June 2019

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