Game On! Peer group celebrates strengths of people on the Autism Spectrum

Good attention to detail and sharp memories can make people on the autism spectrum competitive opponents at the gaming table.

People playing a card game at the Coffs Harbour inclusive games event

So when Rowan Lennox from Mid-coast Communities Ability Links organised an inclusive gaming day in Coffs Harbour in January, it was always going to be action packed.

Rowan said the event, run in partnership with local retailer Good Games Coffs Harbour, had been a great success.

“It was fantastic, we had over 20 gamers turn up, plus carers so it was absolutely packed,” Rowan said.

“We had a really good mix of ages from 10 up to mid-20s playing a range of card games and board games.”

The event was about creating safe social space for people on the spectrum to meet.

“We had a parent come up at the end saying they’d just found out their daughter had exchanged contact details with a couple of their peers, which was a great outcome,” Rowan said.

Television station Prime 7, Coffs Coast Advocate and the ABC recognised the value of the event and got on board to promote it. (Check out the links below)

Rowan hopes to make the event monthly, and build the capacity of the group so that they can run it themselves.

“There is a lot of interest elsewhere to get similar groups going, including in Victoria, so we’re talking about creating an info kit to help others start their own groups too,” Rowan said.



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Published 25 January 2018

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