Simeon John taps into people’s natural creativity to help them understand how to get the most out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and create a vision for their life.

 Simeon John

Simeon, an artist, actor, dancer, director, producer, DJ, MC and all-round performer, has been with Council for Intellectual Disability (CID) for just over a month. He runs My Choice Matters workshops, which help people prepare for the many changes that are happening in disability support.

But these are no boring old workshops. With his background in film, events, and community work, Simeon knows that people learn in different ways. He has found that people learn best when they use the power of their imaginations and tap into their own inner creativity.

“People retain information better when they have fun while learning, when they are in a rich learning environment – what I like to call ‘edjutainment’,” he says.

Simeon uses music, games and role playing so that everyone at his workshops has the best chance to learn – in a way that best suits them – about all the complex changes that are happening in disability services.

Simeon’s approach is to ‘co-create’ rather than teach. Teaching is too often a one-way exchange between teacher and pupil. Co-creating is about working together, letting people create their own learning and tell their own stories.

“We can all be storytellers,” he says. “We all have a story to tell. And when we share our stories, we help others to learn.”

Simeon has a simple philosophy: Create. Inspire. Educate.

Would you like to come to one of Simeon’s workshops? He’ll be in the following places in September:

We’re holding lots more workshops in August and September and beyond. Check out our workshop calendar to see if there’s one near you. And be sure to sign up to our My Choice Matters monthly e-news to hear about more workshops.



Published 16 August 2017

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