CID TV was launched on October 21st at our AGM.
What fun it was!
There was news, stories, regional reports and entertainment.

people in tv

So what is CID TV?

It is TV made by people with intellectual disability.
It is a new way for people with intellectual disability to ask the questions that are important to them and get their message out.

What will be on CID TV?

  • News
  • Info
  • Stories
  • Interviews
  • Reports
  • Events and
  • More

People with intellectual disability will take part as reporters, hosts, by sharing stories, being crew or coming up with TV ideas.

cid tv interview

How can I watch?

Tune into CID TV here:


All the videos from the AGM are online now.

We want to put lots of people on CID TV!

Want to take part? Want to submit a video?
Got an idea for CID TV?
Please get in touch!
Phone: 1800 424 065
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More stories are coming very soon, so keep watching!

ph. 1800 424 065       email:

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