Life, love and work as a young woman with Down syndrome

CID Member Tara was recently interviewed about what her life is like as a young woman with Down syndrome.

Big win for our Hard to swallow campaign

We have great news. NSW Disability Minister, Gareth Ward has just announced a new agreement between the NDIA and the states. They have reconsidered their position on funding health-related supports and therapies like swallowing therapies and decided that the NDIA will now fund them.

Disability rights and inclusion on the global stage

Team CID was at the United Nations in New York earlier this month to talk about inclusion and the rights of people with disability. Our Inclusion Project Officer Courtney Bellemore reports on some highlights from the trip.

A positive meeting with Prime Minister Scott Morrison

People with disability and family members talked with Prime Minister Scott Morrison today about what’s working and what’s not working with the NDIS.

Meet the disability Royal Commissioners

Who are the people running the disability Royal Commission? Read about them in this easy read blog.

Fiona and Jack talk about peer mentoring

Fiona and Jack are helping each other grow and learn new skills under CID’s peer mentoring program.

Spreading the message of inclusion at the United Nations

On 11 June Team CID will be heading to the United Nations in New York to talk about why inclusion is important for the health of people with intellectual disability.

What is the disability Royal Commission

Easy Read information about the Royal Commission and why it is important for people with intellectual disability.

It’s not about what you can’t do – it’s about what you can do

“Everyone can get out there and do something.” Scoota tells us why work is important to him and why he thinks everyone with intellectual disability should give it a go.

Peer mentors learn to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

6 CID members have just completed a course about how to help others grow and be who they want to be.

Federal election – it’s over to you!

On Saturday, people with intellectual disability, their families and other supporters will vote in the Federal Election. To help voters make an informed choice, we have gathered information on commitments by the main parties.

It doesn’t matter if you have a disability, you can still get a job

“When I got the job I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited.” Ben McGill tells us how it makes him feel to have a job. And he has good advice for others with intellectual disability who are looking for work.

How Jack uses his My Health Matters folder

My name is Jack Kelly. I want to tell you how I use the My Health Matters folder. The folder helps me communicate with doctors and nurses. It helps me be independent.

Tell the world about your human rights

We want to hear your ideas about how well Australia protects the rights of people with intellectual disability. Find out how you can have your say.

Royal Commission must be accessible to people with intellectual disability

An open letter to the Prime Minister from Inclusion Australia.

Open letter to parties contesting the federal election 2019

Over 120 eminent health professionals, academics and community leaders have signed our open letter to parties contesting the federal election 2019 about the health of people with intellectual disability:

What do human rights mean to you?

What are human rights? What rights do people with disability have? These questions were part of a workshop we ran at VALID’s Having a Say Conference in February. Our Inclusion Project Officer Alanna Julian reports.

Together our voices can reach all corners of the globe

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. It is a day that we unite together across the world to raise our voice for inclusion, for our rights and to celebrate what we have achieved to make this world better for us. By Michael Sullivan.

Want to know more about the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission?

What is the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and what does it do? Our Inclusion Project Officer Alanna Julian asked Commissioner Graeme Head AO to explain and tell her what he likes about his new job.

NSW election 2019 – what do the parties say about intellectual disability?

The NSW State election is on Saturday 23 March. To help you consider who you want to give your vote to, we have put together information on the record of the Liberal/National Government and commitments made by the political parties.

NSW election – have your say!

Here is a video and an Easy Read information guide to help people with intellectual disability have their say in the NSW state election on Saturday. Have your say and vote!

How to improve the NDIS for people with intellectual disability – CID position statement

The NDIS has helped lots of people. But there have been problems with the NDIS which have been very frustrating and hurtful for people with intellectual disability. Here is how the NDIS can do better.

New mental health services for people with intellectual disability

We welcome the funding of two new specialist mental health services for people with intellectual disability. Our Senior Advocate Jim Simpson looks into what the new services will mean.

How I learnt to speak up

"It took me a long time to find my voice. But now I find speaking up easy."  Leonie McLean tells how she gained the confidence and skills to speak up for her rights.

How can we improve the health of people with intellectual disability? CID position statement

Peter’s clinical depression was misdiagnosed as bad behaviour. Why should Peter and others with intellectual disability be misdiagnosed and have treatment delays? Here is how our health services can do better.

CID's Disability advocacy funding to end in 2020

Hi, Fiona McKenzie, CID Board member here. I am cranky with the Premier and the NSW Government.

Making your NDIS package work for you

When Sarah Butler received her first NDIS package, she was not happy about some of the changes that had been made. Here she tells us what she did to challenge the changes to her plan, and gives some tips about how you can too.

NSW election 2019: how political parties can support people with intellectual disability

With the NSW election just three months away, CID is calling on NSW political parties to commit to action for people with intellectual disability.

Our me360 cards are in high demand

Our me360 cards have been so popular, we’ve had to print more! me360 cards help young people with disability have conversations about things that are important to them.

CID’s Hard to Swallow campaign sees win for Tanisha!

We have great news about Tanisha, who features in our Hard to Swallow campaign. Tanisha’s Mum, Bronwyn has just met with Tanisha’s NDIS planner. They have told her they are reinstating Tanisha’s swallowing therapies into her NDIS plan!

Shining a light onto the abuse of people with disability

“It’s time to shine a big bright light on [the abuse of people with disability] and ask why is it happening still?” Michael Sullivan recently visited his local MP, Hon Paul Fletcher. Here is what he said.

Politicians listening to us

Anthony Mulholland recently gave evidence to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the NDIS. Anthony says good planning and support kept him calm and helped him get his message across. He also has some great tips for speaking to politicians.

10 highlights from 2018

Thank you for being a part of the Council for Intellectual Disability community. It was a very busy year. Below you can read about some of the things we did in 2018.

We look forward to more great achievements in 2019 thanks to the energy and hard work of all our supporters.

NDIS funding cut putting lives at risk is hard to swallow

Media release: Tanisha Flemming is the only person in the world with a genetic condition so rare, it doesn’t even have a name. Her mother Bronwyn calls it ‘Tanisha Flemming Syndrome’. A duplication of chromosome 5q and a deletion of 18p have left the 19-year-old from Port Macquarie with intellectual and physical disability.

Nothing without us – how to speak up

Do you have something to say, but are too scared to speak up? Alanna Julian knows how that feels. But Alanna beat her fears, and she has tips for how you can beat yours.

What is the value of disability advocacy?

What would we lose if disability advocacy organisations like Council for Intellectual Disability (CID) disappeared? Why are disability advocacy organisations so important? Justine O’Neill, our CEO, reflects on a new academic report that looks at these questions.

Young people with disability prepare for a career

"Young people with disability have the right to employment and can make a difference within their community". Alex Elliot, one of our project workers, reports on workshops he has been co-presenting as part of an exciting new disability and employment project.

Public Advocate for people with intellectual disability cannot replace community advocacy

Media release: Today the NSW Ombudsman tabled a special report to Parliament into the abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults, calling on the NSW Government to implement the recommendations of the NSW Law Reform Commission to establish an independent Public Advocate.

Transport phone changes will exclude people with intellectual disability

View an important update Transport for NSW plans to change its 131 500 phone line services for Opal top-ups and trip planning from 31 October 2018. CID member and transport advocate Anthony Mulholland tells us how this change will discriminate against him and his friends with intellectual disability.

A big year for everyone at Council for Intellectual Disability

With the release of our latest Annual Report, Shu Hua Chan, our Chair, looks back over an exciting and successful year.

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